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Up to 90% of the business owner's net worth is tied up in the business


For lack of planning approximately 75% of businesses never sell


There are 66 potential obstacles to the successful sale of a business.


Jim Stauder


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St. Louis business broker Jim Stauder, CPA (inactive),  is the founder and author of the HOW TO PLAN AND SELL A BUSINESS website and newsletters.


Jim was in business brokerage for 10 years between 2001 and 2011.  He tried to acquire the St. Louis business brokerage firm with which he was affiliated, but instead ended up with a three-year non-compete agreement, which he chose to honor.


With a love for business brokerage, Jim pondered his future and ultimately decided to develop a website, HOW TO PLAN AND SELL A BUSINESS, to educate business owners on the need to plan for the sale of their business.  The fact is only about 20% of small businesses ever sell.  The primary reason 80% are not successfully sold is business owners’ lack of planning for their business exit.  Most owners don’t even realize that forward planning is necessary. Jim committed to become a zealot for that cause and began development of in 2011.

HOW TO PLAN AND SELL A BUSINESS (HPSB) is comprised of 90 bi-weekly email newsletters written in sequential order to educate business owners on HOW TO PLAN AND SELL A BUSINESS.  All newsletters are also on the free membership website.  Membership in the website is part of your FREE email newsletter subscription.

HPSB also provides sponsorship opportunities for: 1) business brokers; 2) exit planners, 3) business valuation professionals; and 4) other M&A professionals.  Sponsors can utilize HPSB to engage, educate and sponsor their own business owner leads, which will be free of charge through 2014 (possibly longer).


We are currently developing a major addition for HPSB to include 8 free national directories sorted by state or province, then by metro area for the United States and Canada for the four types of professionals (mentioned above) serving the M&A market.


With the expiration of his non-compete agreement, Jim established his own business brokerage firm, Biz Owner Advisors, LLC, which serves the St. Louis metropolitan area, including Metro East Illinois.  The business brokerage website is located at and is also chock full of valuable information for business sellers and buyers, including more than 100 frequently asked questions from sellers. The Biz Owner Advisors website also has a blog.


To further educate business owners, he also authors “Jim Stauder’s Business Exit Planning Blog” at


Jim is active in social media and encourages you to connect with him using the buttons on the left side of this page.  We also invite you to join our discussion groups on LinkedIn and Google Plus which are both called "Selling a Business - Insider's Advice".  See the lower portion of the right column for links to these discussion groups.



Our Mission Statement


We strive to enable owners to: "Overcome the Power of Inertia"; plan their business exit; improve the value of their business; and conquer the obstacles they face in selling their business.



Our Solution and Method

The purpose of our email newsletter series, HOW TO SELL A BUSINESS, is to fundamentally change the world of our readers. Whereas approximately 75% of businesses are never sold, we believe 75% could be saleable if business owners realized the need to plan for their exit. We want business owners to be "educated consumers".


Our 90-issue email newsletter series covers all preparatory aspects of a business sale including:



We actively educate on the need to "Overcome the Power of Inertia" and begin the business exit planning process. Our sponsors enable us to provide the comprehensive educational content at no charge to small business owners.


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