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How to Sell a Business


Up to 90% of the business owner's net worth is tied up in the business


For lack of planning approximately 75% of businesses never sell


There are 66 potential obstacles to the successful sale of a business.

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Mission Statement

We strive to enable owners to: "Overcome the Power of Inertia"; plan their business exit; improve the value of their business; and conquer the obstacles they face in selling their business.

The purpose of our newsletter, How to Sell a Business, is to fundamentally change the world of our readers. Whereas approximately 75% of businesses are never sold, we believe 75% could be saleable if business owners realized the need to plan for their exit. We want business owners to be "educated consumers".

We will provide comprehensive educational content at no charge to small business owners while also helping to enable them to select knowledgeable and affordable advisors, including business brokers, M&A intermediaries, exit planners, business valuation professionals, and other M&A professionals to aid them in the business exit planning process, and ultimately the business sale process.

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